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The first thing I noticed about Rebecca was her voice.  The second thing I noticed were the subtle twists and hooks in her arrangements.  And the third thing were her lyrics.  As I took all this in, I finally realized that Rebecca’s music excited me the same way Patty Griffith’s did when I first heard it.  And from then on, I was hooked.

 Michael Miller~

Singer/songwriter; band: “Mother’s Highway Junction”

Folklorist for State of Delaware 1996-2007; Folklorist for State of South Dakota 1992-1994.

2011 Delaware Division of the Arts Emerging Artist Fellow





Rebecca, in voice, personality and spirit embodies the soul of a country girl. Though for now, living off the farm, everything about her and the music she makes, brings me back to the dirt roads, solitude and windy bluffs of younger years.

I wouldn't miss seeing them live- her music will take you down the path far away.

Scott Herzog~

 Producer, Nantucket Island/Philadelphia Third Story

Truly wonderful songs that will appeal to multiple listener demographics.  Beautiful whisper-like vocals matched with seasoned musicianship bring these tone poems to life.  Certainly worthy of radio and even better in a live situation.


~Bert Germick

fan, musician

I had the pleasure of hearing Rebecca (previously

Butter Queen Sister) at a recent show which I thoroughly enjoyed. Rebecca’s wonderful voice effortlessly moved among from folk, to bluegrass, to country and western and her fiddle playing was a delight and unexpected treat. The solid harmonies and accompaniment  on dobro, mandolin, guitar and banjo by fellow band-member Harry Gammbrill added just the right amount of musical variety, with Mike McClane’s strong baseline supporting and rounding out this band’s great sound. If you get the chance to see Rebecca Lang Fiorentino, please do! You’ll be in store for a great night of music.     

Tom Hench, Singer/Songwriter, Dover, Delaware.

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