Birds of the Heavens
(Job 12:7-10)
Well, you're looking more sad than I ever did see
So come on baby, on over with me
Your face says it all you don't need to say a thing
So come on baby lemme hear you sing

Like the fish of the sea they'll tell you
and the birds of the heavens they'll tell you too
Speak to the earth it'll tell you so 
who among all these does not know?

Life is pretty tough no matter who you are
Rich or poor we don't leave unscarred
Whatever it is on this earth you bring
Go and tell the world and let us sing


The Way That I am
I am full of imperfections 
I will be the first to admit this to you
darling it can't be quite as bad as it seems though
sometimes these old valleys we gotta walk through

Would you love me
Would you love me just the way that I am
Would you love me 
Would you love me just the way that I came

I am full of some confusion
but I'll let you know it makes me very much human
Mistakes are all part of this game
there is really no one
no no one to blame

Fall Like Rain
Nobody saw the good
that he'd done that day
nobody saw how he
smiled at her and paid
all her things with four little kids in tow
and he left as quiet as he came

She said I hope and I pray 
that some soon day
blessings fall like rain on you
She said I hope and I pray 
that some soon day blessings fall like rain on you

Nobody heard what good he had said to her 
strong mothers make strong daughters
strong mothers make strong son so
keep on doing what you're doing so well

Nobody knew his thoughts
but he saw his mom in her
and he saw her tired eyes
He gave to her that day what his mother gave to him
as a little boy
love for this hurting world