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 Songs and Communication boards are perfect for Preschool/Pre-K/Multiple Disabilities Support/Autistic Support/Non-Verbal/Pre-Verbal/Daycare/Speech Therapists/Parents/Occupational and Physical Therapists. Songs include seasonal themes, movement/motion, academics including counting, letters, sequence, 5 senses, literacy, social/peer interaction, feelings, repetition and more! For Special Education songs include: Functional Academics (letters, numbers, etc.), making choices, songs that encourage Interpersonal Communication/working together, visual cues (boardmaker boards), Personal Maintenance, Domestic Maintenance, Behavior goals, Vocational activities. 

The Alphabet Song

Apples, Apples 1,2,3

12 Months in a Year

What Lives in the Evergreen Forest?

My 5 Senses

The Leaves are Falling Down

I feel the Beat

What is the Weather Like Today?

Hello, Hello

I Love You (Family Song)